Signs Your Loved One is Struggling with a Meth Addiction

Commonly referred to simply as meth on the street and on TV, methamphetamine is an illicit drug with dangerous short and long-term consequences. Using this substance often leads to the individual requiring meth addiction treatment to recover. Meth is an extremely addictive stimulant affecting the human central nervous system. The symptoms of meth addiction are…

a group of people in an outing for substance abuse treatment

Outings Help Us Learn to Live Without Substance Use

Making the difficult decision to seek substance abuse treatment for your drug or alcohol use is the critical first step in recovery. Admitting that you have a problem and need professional addiction counseling to solve it is also the most crucial step in this process. Congratulations, you are now on the road to recovery. Georgia…

a person in a chiropractic care session to help with their addiction

Chiropractic Care to Help with Addiction

Chronic pain is common in those suffering from drug addiction. This pain often leads to an abuse of prescriptions medications as a last-ditch attempt to feel better physically. What might be less obvious is that misalignments in the spine interfere with the normal functioning of neurotransmitters that could have been affected by substance use, making…

a young woman struggling with chemical imbalances and depression

Chemical Imbalances and Depression

You often hear the words “chemical imbalances” associated with addiction and mental health. Knowing what this term means is a great help in understanding many psychiatric conditions.  Chemical imbalances happen when the brain has either too many or too few neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters are natural chemicals that help the nerve cells to communicate with each…