adderall and college students

Adderall and College Students

Adderall is a stimulant that doctors often prescribe to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or narcolepsy. It works to focus attention, control problem behaviors, and improve listening and organizational skills. Unfortunately, its benefits and perceived allure have resulted in Adderall abuse being highest among college students. Learn more about Adderall addiction treatment by calling Georgia…

stigma of addiction

Addressing the Stigma Surrounding Addiction

Thousands of people die from treatable addictions every year in the United States. This occurs despite the medical community having the tools and treatments to prevent many of these deaths. Unfortunately, too many people who could benefit from addiction treatment fail to seek help or get connected to the help they deserve. The stigma of…

psychological dependence

What Is Psychological Dependence?

Psychological dependence is the emotional and mental reliance on a substance. It generally appears as strong urges or cravings. Psychological dependence is nearly always present in people struggling with addiction. Weeding out a patient’s psychological dependence is core to addiction recovery. You can learn more about our addiction treatment programs by contacting us online or…

oxycontin side effects

Common OxyContin Side Effects

OxyContin, also commonly referred to as oxycodone, is a commonly prescribed opioid painkiller. Due to its strength, OxyContin is generally used in cases where people have developed tolerances to other opioid painkillers or are experiencing severe pain. Like many strong painkillers, OxyContin comes with side effects. Moreover, OxyContin can be addictive and lead to painkiller…

woman celebrating her first year of sobriety

Adjusting to Your First Year of Sobriety

While addiction recovery is unique to each person, the first year of sobriety often poses the most challenges. Following an addiction treatment program, you may be faced with a new you or a version of yourself that you haven’t known since before your addiction. You may be figuring out and trying to understand your new…

woman standing in the kitchen struggling with depression and alcohol

The Connection Between Depression and Alcohol

Depression is a mental health disorder, and alcohol is a substance whose addictiveness may lead to abuse. At first glance, they may seem unrelated. But alcohol abuse and depression often appear as co-occurring disorders. As such, it is critical to understand how depression and alcohol influence each other and what kind of treatments are available…

man sitting at his desk concentrating on avoiding relapse

Helpful Tips for Avoiding Relapse

Recovering from addiction can be complicated. Recent data shows as many as half of people who participate in an addiction recovery program end up relapsing. Georgia Addiction Treatment Center understands addiction treatment is a process. Developing a long-term plan for avoiding relapse can be key to achieving sobriety. This often involves engaging in aftercare, such…

maintaining sobriety on the 4th of July

5 Sober Activities to Do Over 4th of July

When you think about the 4th of July, the first thing that comes to mind is probably fireworks. The holiday is a festive occasion, often bringing people together, marked by public events and large gatherings that foster a sense of celebration and community. Parties like this generally have alcohol present alongside a pressure to partake.…