a woman talking to patients about addiction treatment therapiesAt Georgia Addiction Treatment Center, our addiction treatment therapies that we use to design your custom treatment plan are a unique combination of evidence-based treatments and more holistic approaches. The former focuses on treating the addiction. The latter aims at healing the whole patient and preparing them for life after rehab. In the first case, we provide you with the tools you need to overcome your addiction. In the second, we train you to use those tools so that you can ensure that your recovery is a success. 

Our Addiction Treatment Therapies in GA 

Recreational Therapy

In our recreational therapy program, we use local visits, planned social activities, and your hobbies as a way of addressing your psychological and physical health. This means using physical activities like sports, dance, yoga, and Tai Chi, as well as arts and crafts projects and structured community outings as a therapeutic tool. Recreational therapy allows you to have authentic social interaction while learning things, developing skills, reducing stress, and exercising. All of these things aid in supporting your long-term recovery.

Expressive Therapy

Expressive therapy is one of the addiction therapy programs that aim to help you better express yourself. Most of our patients have little or no artistic experience. But that is not a requirement; making visual art, dancing, writing, performing in dramas, and making music helps you address the emotional issues surrounding addiction. Artistic expression also enables you to get in touch with what you feel and express yourself better in general by giving you a creative outlet. 

Group Therapy

At Georgia Addiction Treatment Center, we know that recovery cannot happen alone. Sharing your experiences and hearing others do the same is a crucial component of our addiction therapy programs. Group addiction therapy allows you to develop a strong support network while you build successful coping strategies and master the skills that will aid you in your long-term recovery.

Trauma-Focused Therapy

Trauma and addiction are often related. In trauma-focused therapy, you identify the degree to which trauma has underpinned and fueled your addiction. Your custom-designed treatment plan will address any past trauma so that you can be sure it will not threaten your long-term recovery or result in relapse. 

Motivational Interviewing

Motivational interviewing is a cognitive-behavioral form of addiction therapy that allows you to determine the steps you must take to make long-term positive changes in your life. In this type of treatment, you respond to questions that your therapist poses to you. By answering honestly and analyzing your responses, the two of you will identify your strengths and what motivates you on their recovery journey. 

Family Therapy

Addiction has a long history of straining family relations. In our family therapy program, you and your family work with therapists to mend these broken relationships, develop healthy boundaries, and build workable strategies for strengthening the family unit as you move forward. 

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

In medication-assisted treatment, we combine two different addiction treatment therapies. If your addiction is particularly severe, we administer small doses of specific medications to help you rid your body of the substances as comfortably as possible. At the same time, we use a range of other treatments to identify the root cause of your addiction and to treat it accordingly.

Co-occurring Diagnosis

People battling addiction often also suffer from depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other mental issues that fuel their addiction. At the Georgia Addiction Treatment Center, our medical team specializes in treating these co-occurring issues.   


Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is perhaps the most famous and widely used of clinical addiction treatment therapies. In CBT, you talk through your problems with your therapist and come up with strategies that will help you develop healthy coping skills. This practice helps prepare you for the triggers and pressures you will encounter as you reintegrate into society. CBT sessions are always one-on-one and focused on setting goals and planning strategies for life after addiction therapy. 


At Georgia Addiction Treatment Center, our care does not end when you leave our program. As you transition into your new drug-free life, we will be there at every step, providing resources, opportunities for social interaction, and a wide array of support structures designed to help you meet and surpass your recovery goals. 

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You never planned on becoming addicted. But at some point, your recreational use of drugs and alcohol became a substance abuse problem. But there is hope. By combining multiple addiction treatment therapies, the experienced staff at Georgia Addiction Treatment Center is waiting to design a course of treatment just for you. Take the first steps on your journey of recovery. Reach out to us online today or call us at 833.641.0661

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