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women's rehab centerWhen it comes to addiction treatment, men and women have different needs. To address this issue, at Georgia Addiction Treatment Center, we offer gender-exclusive treatment. This means that men can get the help they need in men’s rehab, and women can meet their specific needs in a women’s rehab center. Addiction treatment programs must suit the particular needs of the individual who is suffering from the disease. At Georgia Addiction Treatment Center, we design a custom treatment plan for every patient in our care. In our women’s rehab program, women will find a safe space where they can work through their experiences in the presence of other women. This kind of support aids in the early stages of recovery, but it can also last a lifetime.

Researchers have known for a long time that addiction is different for men and women. For example, women are less likely to seek treatment than men are, and they also face more barriers to getting help when they do reach out. This is why at Georgia Addiction Treatment Center, we designed our women’s rehab center to cater to the specific needs of women struggling with substance abuse. 

Is a Women’s Addiction Treatment Center Right for You?

You will immediately notice the difference between the women’s rehab center at Georgia Addiction Treatment Center and other more traditional addiction treatment programs. The distinct advantages of a gender-specific rehab center include:

  • Women need a safe space to communicate with other women, and you can feel that safety as soon as you walk in.
  • When handling specific issues—motherhood, relationships, children, and family, just to name a few—a gender-exclusive group encourages openness and understanding.
  • Topics like gender discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace are far easier to discuss in a group of supportive women. 

Being treated at a women’s rehab center has many other advantages as well. It is a sad fact that a large proportion of women battling substance abuse have experienced domestic violence and sexual assault. This kind of trauma can easily lead to and fuel drug and alcohol abuse. This is particularly true when the trauma has resulted in anxiety, depression, or anger issues. If women have suffered at the hands of a husband, boyfriend, or male family member, opening up in a group that contains men can be traumatizing. However, at Georgia Addiction Treatment Center, our experienced staff has encountered these difficulties before. This is precisely why we have gone to such great lengths to create an environment of comfort, support, and respect.

At Georgia Addiction Treatment Center’s women’s rehab center, you’ll find acceptance and support from women with similar experiences to yours and who have similar recovery goals. As you overcome addiction and begin to rebuild a substance-free life, we’ll provide you with the tools and strategies to help ensure you will stay that way. 

Our Women’s Rehab Center

It makes sense that women have different needs than men when it comes to treatment. Women physically handle drugs and alcohol differently but also have different emotional responses to situations than men do. That’s why our women’s rehab is as welcoming, safe, and supportive as it can be. We also offer gender-specific benefits that more traditional programs cannot. Among these, you will find: 

  • Open, honest communication between patients and between staff and patients
  • Fewer distractions from the opposite sex so that you can focus on recovery
  • A strong support network that will last even after you leave our care
  • Individualized treatment plans
  • An aftercare program that will provide you with resources and support as you rebuild your life

At our women’s rehab program, you will find what other programs lack: compassionate, honest, woman-based care. If you have been struggling with substance abuse and need help, the Georgia Addiction Treatment Center is an excellent place to start.

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You never planned on becoming addicted. In addition to needing help, you also have people who rely on you. But the best thing you can do for yourself, and for them, is to take care of your needs and to heal. When you are ready to get help, reach out to Georgia Addiction Treatment Center. We offer women’s rehab along with a range of other programs to jumpstart your recovery. These include: 

  • Partial hospitalization program 
  • Intensive outpatient program
  • Outpatient treatment program 
  • Community housing 
  • Alumni program 
  • Substance abuse treatment programs 
  • Alcohol addiction treatment program 
  • Drug addiction treatment program

We can guarantee that our highly trained staff is full of caring, supportive, experienced professionals. Let us help you overcome your addiction today. You can use our secure online form or call us at 833.641.0661. Find the hope you deserve at Georgia Addiction Treatment Center.

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