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doctor smiling talking with patient in intensive outpatient rehabFor those struggling with substance abuse, the variety of treatment programs can seem daunting. You might not know whether a residential program or an outpatient program is right for you. But you do know that you’re ready to break free from addiction and start rebuilding your life. At Georgia Addiction Treatment Center, one of the treatment programs we offer is an intensive outpatient program, also known as an IOP. In intensive outpatient rehab, you’ll find support and accountability as you begin taking steps towards independence. You’ll begin to learn healthy coping skills and strategies for staying sober while free from the influence of drugs and alcohol. 

What is Intensive Outpatient Rehab? 

It’s common for individuals seeking treatment for addiction to begin their journey to recovery in a residential program. While these can be helpful for those who need to go through medical detox or have severe addictions, not everyone needs or has time for an inpatient program. However, in an intensive outpatient rehab program, patients live at home or in community housing programs while receiving treatment.  

Who is the right fit for an intensive outpatient rehab program? If you meet the following criteria, consider our IOP in GA:

  • You’ve completed a residential treatment program or a partial hospitalization program.
  • Outside responsibilities, like childcare, work, or school, require you to be available at least part-time.
  • You have the coping skills you need for greater independence.
  • A residential treatment program is not within your budget for treatment. 
  • You have family and friends who will support and encourage you.

Effective addiction treatment involves personalized treatment plans. At Georgia Addiction Treatment Center, we create an individualized plan based around your needs during early recovery.

Intensive Outpatient Rehab at Georgia Addiction Treatment Center

Our intensive outpatient rehab program is designed to help you return to your life without drugs and alcohol. We’ll help you learn the tools you need for success.

Therapy Plan

At Georgia Addiction Treatment Center, our IOP focuses on helping you use the tools and skills you learn in treatment to deal with the situations and stresses you encounter during early recovery.

Your therapy groups will be a resource on which you can rely. Group members will encounter the same situations, make the same mistakes, and find the same successes as you. Watching and helping those around you have meaningful breakthroughs will help you find the same fulfillment, as you will be helped in turn. Along with your group meetings, you will meet with a therapist on an individual basis as well. These sessions will help provide accountability and ensure that you are taking substantial, healthy steps towards taking control of your life.

Living Recovery / Life Steps

During our intensive outpatient program in GA, you will have the opportunity to begin taking complete control over your life. We will help you take each step and develop positive life skills. We help you set clear goals and provide support as you begin taking important steps towards complete independence. Our therapists will work with you to determine the healthiest steps as you begin returning to regular life. 

Family Support

We believe it is important to involve your loved ones in recovery when it is healthy and appropriate. It is part of our philosophy to begin healing the family unit as well as each individual in our care. These sessions will help educate your family on strategies to promote long term recovery and set healthy boundaries. Your loved ones will also have access to family support groups. These groups focus on psycho-education so your family can become a resource for your long term recovery.

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Find out about our IOP as well as our other programs, like our partial hospitalization program, outpatient program, and community housing, by contacting us today. When you are ready to start rebuilding your life, reach out for help. At Georgia Addiction Treatment Center, you can find hope. Call us at 833.641.0661 or contact us online today.

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